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Donate in USD

This can be done by transferring your gift to a “correspondent bank” on Curacao. This bank then transfers it to the bank of Stichting Kinderwerk De Open Poort.
There are 2 “correspondent banks” to know:

Bank: The Bank of New York Mellon 
Address: One Wall ST, New York, NY 10286, USA
Swift code: IRVTUS3N
Aba: 021000018
Beneficiary’s Bank: Girobank N.V.
Address: Scharlooweg 35, Curacao  
Swift code: GIRCCWCU
Beneficiary’s: Girobanknummer 6102540, Stichting Kinderwerk De Open Poort, Helfrichdorp 3, Curacao
Payment: Full clear payment details 


Bank: Deutsche Bank Trust Company, N.A (USD)
Address: 60 Wall ST, Mail Stop NYC 60-2710, New York, NY 10005 USA
Swift code: BKTRUS33 
Aba: 021001033 
Beneficiary’s Bank: Girobank N.V.
Address: Scharlooweg 35, Curacao
Swift code: GIRCCWCU
Beneficiary’s: Girobanknummer 6102540, Stichting Kinderwerk De Open Poort, Helfrichdorp 3, Curacao 
Payment: Full clear payment detail

According to this information, transfer the amount to one of these 2 banks and it will be credited to Stichting Kinderwerk De Open Poort.

Thank you very much for your support!