Stichting De Open Poort

Our story

De Open Poort is located in a disadvantaged neighborhood in Klein Santa Martha, near Soto. The Schouten family (Elbert and Corri) have founded De Open Poort on Curacao and have done a very good job for 12 years. In the year 2016 we (André and Agaath Vis) left for Curacao to continue this work.

The environment is dominated by deprivation. The result is a vicious circle of backwardness. We see that the vicious circle continues to exist because people know themselves excluded and do not see opportunities to change this. If you are up in this, this is the reality and with it the truth. Children take this from the start and take it for granted.

We went here because we really want to help this region with a lot of children. We have done this step in faith. After being here for over a year, we have closed this neighborhood in our hearts.

Thank you very much for your interest and we hope that you will continue to be interested in us, perhaps by helping as a volunteer, financially or in prayer.